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Easy-Wash Connectable Dog Puppy Potty Tray for Indoor or Patio Use (Reusable)

Easy-Wash Connectable Dog Puppy Potty Tray for Indoor or Patio Use (Reusable)

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Unwanted Accidents? Fabric Textures of Pee Pads Create Confusion

- Pee pads textures can cause confusion with carpets or blankets due to heightened paw sensitivity.

Disposable Pee Pad? Persistent Odor Issues Caused by Used Pee Pads
- Only one used pee pad in the trash can, and you'll know the unbearable smell that follows.

Mesh or Honeycomb Trays? Pose Risks for Growing Toenails
- When their nails get caught in these materials, your dog can become fearful of using pee trays.

Synthetic Grass? Battling the Cleanup & Hurting Your Pet's Paws
- Urinary crystals get trapped in the fake grass, intensifying odors, making it impossible to reuse.

Walking in the Rain? Wet Fur Can Lead to Skin and Coat Issues
- Walking dogs in the rain can lead to skin and coat problems if dogs aren't dried off properly.

  • Unique texture helps dogs recognize designated potty areas helping prevent accidents on unwanted places like bedding and sofas.
  • Paw-friendly design keeps your pets paws from getting caught stuck unlike mesh or lattice designed trays.
  • Expandable and customizable as multiple trays can be connected to create a larger area.
  • Easy to clean and reusable makes our potty tray cost effective and easy to maintain.


Say goodbye to messy accidents and disposable pee pads. With our Small Dog or Puppy Potty Tray, you can provide a comfortable and designated bathroom spot for your furry companion. Experience the convenience and peace of mind of a clean and cost-friendly environment. Start building healthy potty habits for your pet today.

Unique Texture for Precise Training:
Our potty tray features a special texture that helps puppies and small dogs recognize it as their designated bathroom spot. Avoid confusion with other fabrics like bedding or sheets and make training a breeze.

Paw-Friendly Design:
We care about your pet's comfort. Unlike lattice or mesh-style trays, our potty tray's unique design prevents paws from getting stuck, providing a comfortable and stress-free potty experience.

Need more space for your growing puppy? Our potty tray is allowing you to expand the area by connecting multiple trays together. Create the perfect bathroom spot for your furry friend.

Reusable and Cost-Effective:
Say goodbye to disposable pee pads! Our potty tray is made of durable plastic, making it reusable and cost-effective. It's an eco-friendly choice that saves you money in the long run. Our potty tray comes with a handy brush, ensuring effortless maintenance and a fresh, odor-free environment.


Materials: Plastic

Dimensions: 17.7 in x 22.8 in 

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